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The Reason

…for the two month blogging break. This little guy:

BabyJBabyJBabyJ BabyJ He’s my biggest baby yet, 9lbs, 6oz at birth, up to 12lbs, 4oz by 6 weeks and who knows at 2 months?? Better book that appointment – time flies!

Anyways, I’m starting to get some short sewing sessions squeezed in here and there (that is, if I’d rather sleep than sew….sometimes it’s a real battle!). I’ve been working on some doll clothes for J’s birthday coming up in April. I know I have a whole slew of things to blog about, but getting photos in the daylight is my downfall right now. One day I’ll be back to regular blogging. Until then, you can find me snuggling my babies over here 🙂

Happy Sewing….and snuggling!

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