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Month: June 2015

Top Stitchers: “Stars”

Julie Andrews

I’m over at Free Notion today with my Top Stitcher post! Our theme was “Stars.” I turned to the ever-so-classy lady, Julie Andrews, and created an outfit based on her style. Head on over there to rate our looks and then come back to read more!

You know my style…but most stars aren’t quite in the simple and classic category! As a refresher, here’s a round-up of some of Julie’s looks: more

Antalya Dress

Antalya Dress

I’m a stop on the Willow & Co. pattern tour with the Antalya Dress! If you’ve been a Willow & Co. fan, you’ll remember the AMAZING patterns they put together last year! Judging by the fact that there are three of them in J’s closet, the Fawn Lily is still a huge favourite of mine. more

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