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Month: March 2014

Baby Sewing Round-up!

I’ve seen lots of round-ups on other blogs, and thought my readers might enjoy a fun little one. I’ve got babies on the brain since two of my friends are expecting (one is due really soon….and may even have that babe in the next day or so she had that baby!) and I’ve been planning to make some cute clothes for them once Project Run & Play is over. Here are a few of my favorite (and mostly free!) patterns: more

Project Run & Play, Week One: Buffalo, baby!


If you’re coming over from Project Run & Play, welcome! Feel free to poke around and ask questions! This week’s theme was Put Me in the Zoo and it had me stumped for a bit. I’m not much for animal themed/printed/inspired clothing, so I knew I had to really think outside the box on this one! I decided to do a boy look (because there simply isn’t enough boy sewing out there!) and was inspired more by a fabric choice, buffalo check (or buffalo plaid). If you head to the Calgary Zoo you can see some Buffalo (or Wood Bison, as they’re also called). We went this past summer, and the kids enjoyed it so much – especially the peacocks! If you can’t make it there (wait!? You don’t want to brave the -20c for some sight-seeing?), here’s a picture for you of some buffalo. Photograph by my mother-in-law over near the Saskatchewan-Alberta border. Aren’t they huge creatures? more

Sausage and Potato Soup & Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

Wondering why you haven’t seen any sewing posts lately? Don’t worry….I have been up to my eyeballs in sewing, but I can’t share it with you until tomorrow. Check back for my first week of Project Run & Play! 

This is the perfect wintertime meal! Oh, I know it’s spring, but it is still a deep freeze up here! Get a pot of this easy delicious soup simmering and then make some of the fluffiest biscuits ever, and you’ve got a winner. more

Liebster Award

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been crazy busy sewing, sewing sewing!! Project Run & Play is just around the corner and although it hasn’t even started yet, I already feel like I’m behind!

Anyway, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Terri over at Climbing the Willow. You might remember the Izzy top/dress I made from her free pattern for last season’s Project Run & Play? I had heard of the award, but in case you haven’t, it’s basically a way to let your readers know about some other smaller blogs (or maybe they’re not so small….but anyways…) and maybe find some new favorites! So this is how it goes: the nominee must answer some questions from the nominator and then provide 5 random facts about her or himself.  Then the nominee pays it forward by nominating more small blogs for the award and sending them more fun questions. Fun right? more

Pancake Puff

*Thrifty Thursday sale on over at Peekaboo Pattern shop. 4 different boy patterns are on sale to celebrate the birth of Amy’s little boy! Head on over to check them out! Little Gentleman Tie and Bow Tie, Suit Jacket, Pants and Vest, and the Classic Oxford Button-up! (affiliate link)

Oh, this is a good one. And oldie and a goodie. Probably more of a treat than a pancake/breakfast. You can serve this pancake puff with maple syrup, or get fancy and top it with some fruit! more

Reversible Catch-all Bib Tutorial


I have all of this leather from my mom, and I’ve been slowly picking away at projects here and there. So far, I’ve made 2 of these bibs, and have a third one on the way. They’re super quick and easy, and really, the scoop part on the front makes it the best design ever. more

One-Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two


Ok, I love chocolate chip cookies. But you know? If I make a whole batch I eat TOO MANY. So this recipe is perfect. Of course, I usually double it, but nevermind that. Just make as written to avoid guilt.

I will admit, these aren’t the best chocolate chip cookies, but I’m going to chalk that up to having to measure out your egg in tablespoons….They do hit the spot though! more

Girl Overalls {a dress}

Well I certainly didn’t mean to neglect my blog for a week, but since we found out the themes for Project Run & Play, my mind has been going a mile a minute! I think I’ve finally nailed down some ideas, so back to our regular schedule…more or less.

Here’s how I modified the Lullaby Overalls for my girly-girl. more

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