Project Run & Play: Let’s Go to the Movies!

This week’s theme had me scratching my head; The Sound of Music? The Princess Bride? Anne of Green Gables…so many favorites. I finally decided on Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews in general is such a graceful lady, and I figured either Maria or Mary Poppins, it’s a win-win! After finishing 3 garments PLUS a hat (this is NOT the time of year to buy straw hats apparently) I was second-guessing myself. Next week I’m going simple! And so, I present to you, Mary Poppins!


I love that my daughter’s name ties into the movie as well (not as Mary…you’ll have to keep guessing :) ). She had fun modeling this little outfit for me! I will say, the poor girl has been down with the flu lately, but she seems fine today. I did bribe her with rockets though ;)



I upcycled a polyester skirt into this hi-lo hem jacket. The jacket is finished in bias, and has a belted back with buttons. I modified the Lily Knit Blazer pattern for this again! Love that pattern!



The hi-lo hem on the black jacket was to mimic the styling of Mary Poppin’s navy blue suit. I decided to just do a matching skirt for that part of the outfit, but liked the detail of the hem, so I put it on the outercoat.


mary poppins still 2source

The skirt is self-drafted. Ha. I had the idea in my head, but it took me a while to figure it out. Although you can’t tell from the photos (sorry….my camera completely died – but hubby just bought me a new one today! Hooray!) the skirt has a pocket set into the piped seams. Also, the navy fabric was upcycled from hubby’s old work shirt. Gotta love that!


*Update: The new camera is amaaaaazing!!! Here are a few detail shots of the skirt:



(for those of you wondering, I’m NOW shooting a Nikon D3200 with a 60mm lens. I previously had a Nikon D60 – great camera, just old!)


I used the Compagnie M. Mara Blouse pattern and just love the little details on this! I added a peter pan collar instead of the high collar worn in the film, and topstitched on some gold braid to mimic the gold stripes in Mary’s blouse. The fabric for the blouse was a thrifted tablecloth (I think? It’s a very lightweight cotton).



The ribbon bow was the finishing touch!



The hat. Oh, the hat. She LOVES the hat! However, I have never made a hat before. Thankfully, my wrong calculations (diameter x pi = circumference + whaaaaa???!) resulted in a slightly wavy brim which is more true to the film anyway! It was made from black jersey fused with felt for stiffness, and then lined with cotton. The flowers and cherries were just glued on.




mary poppins still 4source







This was such a fun (tiring, yes, that too!) challenge, and I’m so happy to be participating in the sew-a-long! Check out all of the amazing sewalong entries here, and the contestant entries here!


Thanks for stopping by!

*this post contains affiliate links, but the pattern love and opinions are all my own!


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40 thoughts on “Project Run & Play: Let’s Go to the Movies!

    1. thecrazytailor

      Thanks! I’ll probably end up using recycled fabric for all of the challenges…I find I have more variety that way! It’s a personal challenge to me to just ‘make it work!’ :)

    1. thecrazytailor

      Thanks! Waiting for your entry….:) yup, this D3200 is great! It’s quite an improvement over my D60! I have a 50mm as well, but the autofocus isn’t compatible with either the D60 or D3200 :( That makes it too hard to use with a toddler! Love my 60mm though!

      1. Terri Lin (Sew Straight and Gather)

        LOL! It’s coming, there are not enough hours in a day — Evening. I run a dayhome during the day so sewing waits till about 8pm for me. I’m finishing one piece off at nap time. Then I am making a schedule because I forgot that I have a husband that wants my attention too…lol

  1. Rebecca

    This is so cute! I love the idea of a movie inspiration. Great fabric repurposing! I love the blouse pattern, I’ll have to check this one out to make for my little girl.

  2. carolina

    Your outfit is so cool. Love the skirt!!! And the Mara looks beautiful with that fabric and little gold. I hope you have a good luck again!!!

      1. dottedwhale

        No, I’m not participating/ Actually, always forgot. No entries yet because I was on vacation and ‘m still putting things in order around here. ;)

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  5. BIG TED little ted

    I’d missed this post. I think I was a bit of a blog virgin when you wrote it. The whole outfit is amazing. Such attention to detail.

    I particularly like the jacket. I just Googled it (your link no longer goes to the correct page) and lo and behold I have that pattern. It was part of PPP and to be honest I wasn’t inspired to sew one up. However seeing what you did with it, I’m looking at it again with fresh new eyes. I may just attempt one, just like yours.

    1. Sarah

      Thanks! Yes…I have so many posts with old referral links (I’ve been slowly trying to change them all over….but TIME-CONSUMING!) so sorry about that! That blazer pattern is a great base!


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