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Month: December 2013

Delicious Melt-in-Your-Mouth Shortbread.

Yes. That was a crazy long title, but it is SO true!! This is my mother-in-law’s recipe, and I’ve made it a few times – always amazing! I had always heard that shortbread was tricky to make, few ingredients, blah blah blah. Nope. This recipe is easy, no fail, and always perfect. Perhaps because it is Whipped Shortbread? Maybe there are other ways to make it, but I never will. more

Wintertime Baking: Swedish Braided Bread


This bread is so soft and delicious. Seriously. It’s like a cinnamon roll and a delicious fresh donut all wrapped up into one beautiful loaf!

I modified this recipe, and I’ve also made it as stated, but prefer to use a typical cinnamon roll filling over the apple filling. Also, take into consideration the size of your serving platter before braiding or rolling your dough…..I forgot. Again. And had to cut this beautiful thing in half! more

Boy Sewing: Classic Chinos – take two

So the last pair of chinos I sewed up came out too small for my boy’s little cloth-diapered bum, but that was my fault. I recently got a new laptop with Windows 8 and it was not printing my patterns out at 100% to scale (even though in my settings it was set as 100%). I bumped it up to 105% and it’s perfect now 🙂 Always, ALWAYS check your 1 inch box – a 1/16th of an inch difference can really throw your pattern sizing off! more

Pumpkin Scones


If you’re looking for a last minute dessert, or need to use up some leftover pumpkin puree, this is the recipe for you! These scones are so moist and spiced just perfectly!

I used this recipe and the only changes I made were in the way I cut my scones….really, do it however you prefer! more

Boy Sewing: Hangout Hoodie

Can you tell I’m enjoying sewing boys clothes more and more?? Also, I’m excited about the upcoming Project Run & Play! I’ve observed but never participated in it before, but this season, I think I will do my very best to join the sew-a-long! Check the blog to find out more details and see what the themes are! more

Boy Sewing: Classic Chinos

*update: these came out too small because of my crazy (new Windows 8) printer settings! I didn’t notice right away, but now that it’s been fixed, these pants are perfect! New post coming with the latest pair I whipped up!

I’ve been holding onto this fabric for a long time, and finally found the perfect pattern for it! Classic Chinos from the Peek-a-boo Pattern shop. more

A Little Man Celebration

My little boy turned one?!?!!! How on earth did that happen so fast? I’ve seen lots of Moustache Bash/Little Man parties, and knew that we had to have one for E. Pinterest to the rescue! I seriously can look back at my Pinterest page and basically see my party there. SO much inspiration!

So, you’ve seen the Chocolate Moustaches here, more

Speculaas {Biscoff Cookies}


These cookies were perfect for our Little Man birthday party – no decorating required! I was debating between these and sugar cookies, but it came down to time, and these were fine just as they are – no decorating!

Since I couldn’t find a moustache-shaped cookie cutter anywhere, I had to improvise. This was originally a round biscuit cutter that I had previously made into a strawberry shape. Since it was never going to be a perfect circle again, I figured it was a good candidate for reshaping. It was easily bent into a moustache, and then I just turned the ends up a bit more once the cookies were on the baking sheet. more

Getting ready for a Moustache Bash!


My little boy turned ONE this past weekend and we threw him a Little Man party, or, a Moustache Bash 🙂 I’ll share more details of the party later, but I just wanted to post about these moustaches first.

They look deceptively easy. And really, they were, once I figured them out. If you browse Pinterest much, you’ll see these things all over the place. So I bought the mold, the long lollipop sticks and some dark and milk chocolate. more

Leather Clutch {a how to}

Little bags and clutches make the most useful presents! And they really are very easy to make – don’t let that zipper fool you!

This is my very first tutorial, so please bear with me….and if I leave you hanging with questions, just leave a comment. I love to read them, and try to respond to every one! more

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