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Month: November 2013

Cozy Slippers: take two


You saw these adorable little slippers I made a while back and I promised pictures of the adult-sized pair. Here they are!

Don’t they look so soft? They are. I tried them on, even though they’re a gift 🙂 I think next time I might put something in the sole for more cushioning. Maybe another layer of fleece or cotton batting. I made these from a cable knit sweater I found at the thrift store. The inside lining is VERY soft minky chenille, and the sole is from elk hide. more

Girl Sewing: Modified V-neck Cardigan


You’ve seen two other cardigans here and here both using the pattern as-is. This time, inspired by the Lily Knit Blazer (which I bought,  and intend on making VERY SOON) I did a mash-up of cardigan and ruffles.

I was running a bit short on fabric, so next time I would probably cut the top half of the cardigan a little longer. It’s not too bad on her for length, but just another 1-2 inches would have been perfect! more

Little Moccasins and a Black Friday Sale!!!


I am SO stoked to tell you about this sale!!! But first, the moccasins. These are so. cute.

I had these sewn up within a half hour! Of course, leather doesn’t fray so all I had to do was cut and sew. They are the best for staying on little E’s feet…everything else is pulled off! more

Repurposing leather

Ok, so I’m cheap, errr, thrifty. I LOVE to thrift shop, and that is the best place to find amazing materials to sew with! This clutch is made from a leather jacket that was destined for the thrift store, but I saved it 🙂 It’s such a nice soft leather. I’ve used it for the patches on the Downton Duffle (also the toggle patches), made some little moccasins from it and now this clutch! more

Girl Sewing: V-neck Cardigan

I LOVE how versatile a cardigan is! You can dress it up or down so easily! I made this one from a nice bottomweight knit found in the bargain bin at Fabricland. The V-neck cardigan is a super quick sew. I’ve made this pattern completely on my serger before (which is really, really fast!) or just by machine. The great thing about knit is that it doesn’t fray, so serging is optional. more

Pixie Hat Review: Pattern Anthology


I was a tester for the pixie hat (which I guess ended as a capelet, found here) for seekatesew. I do like the capelet, and think I might try and turn this into one. The hat on it’s own just isn’t me….

But the little girl makes it pretty cute!!

Yes, the girl totally makes the hat. more

Footed Jammies Sew-a-long!

Amy over at Naptime Crafters was hosting a sew-a-long featuring the Classic Footed Pj’s. I sewed up a pair of these a while back for Little E, but this time they are for a little nephew of mine 🙂 Instead of using the fleece I had planned, I found this great pair of fleece pajama pants at the thrift store. I’m always on the lookout for large chunks of fabric at cheap prices, especially since our local Fabricland has pretty slim-pickins’ and what you DO find, you pay dearly for! more

Boy Sewing: Chinos

I bought this chinos pattern and I’m so excited to make some pants for my little boy! My goal is to cut them out this afternoon…and see how far I can get in one night of sewing 🙂 I’ve got some grey linen I’d love to use, or maybe a stretch twill…decisions, decisions. Right now you can get it for only $4 for Thrifty Thursday right here! more

The Big Top: shower theme


Little bit of a throwback Thursday here. I hosted a baby shower way back in…March? April? Ha, it’s been THAT long. Anyway, it was the Big Top theme. Perfect for a little boy 🙂

I found these little cardboard popcorn boxes at Michaels, and it all started coming together. We had plain and caramel popcorn (I love this recipe), pogo sticks and mustard, lollipop-shaped cookies, fruit, spring rolls, sandwich roll-ups, cupcakes and more cookies! The lion, giraffe and elephant are all from the dollar store 🙂 I put the lollipop cookies into mason jars. Easy-peasy! more

A little bit of everything

I have a BUNCH of things on the go! First off, I’m thisclose to finishing two Happy Campers for my nephews! I found this amazing soft shell fleece on sale and snatched it up fast. We don’t get a huge selection of fleece at our local Fabricland, so I was pretty surprised to find this nice stuff! more

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