Flip This Pattern: Boardwalk Draw-String Dress

I’m a competitor over at Frances Suzanne today for their fun Flip This Pattern contest that they run! I participated in the September Showcase with this cute little Shandiin Top back in the fall, and now I’m here with a fun spring look! The featured pattern that all four competitors were challenged to “flip” was the Boardwalk Henley and Hoodie by Peekaboo Patterns (*affiliate links).

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Freezer Paper Stenciling


I’m over at the Peekaboo Blog today showing off our first attempt at freezer paper stenciling! Also, there’s a free pattern for a raglan shirt sized to fit your 15″-18″ dolls – you can make some matching shirts! Amy from Peekaboo Patterns is having a Raglan Sew-Off this month using this versatile pattern. If you sew one up, be sure to head over to the facebook group to link up and maybe win some prizes….grab your raglan pattern here, or if you’re sewing for yourself (I just made one this weekend – fit is PERFECT!) here’s the Rainier Raglan (*affiliate links). 

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CraftingCon: Robin Hood, 21st Century

CraftinCon: RObin Hood

I’m posting over at Friends Stitched Together for CraftingCon: Once Upon A Time. All month long you will be seeing competitor posts and fun tutorials for characters from all of your favorite fairytales! 

I was planning on doing The Princess Bride, but totally flip-flopped and went with Robin Hood, hipster-style! My little guy sometimes gets the short end of the stick sewing-wise, so I thought I’d bulk up his spring wardrobe with a little class!

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DIY All-Natural Deodorant Recipe

DIY Deodorant

Ok, I know this is a little off my normal beaten path, but it’s too good not to share! I recently was given a handmade, all-natural deodorant. I thought I would hate it and that it wouldn’t work, because I know deodorant. I’m the girl that has tried every single brand. I really liked the idea of all-natural, no chemicals or aluminum, but never thought it would work for me! But this handmade stuff worked! And then it ran out. And at $8 a pop plus shipping, I was determined to make my own. So I scoured Pinterest for some recipes, and ended up making up my own recipe, based on the ingredients in my original natural deodorant (that was now gone – sad day! ) This is super easy to make, really cheap, and takes about 5 minutes! Really, the longest part was cleaning out my old deodorant tube to reuse it. Now, if you want to recycle an old tube, you need to be careful that it won’t leak out the bottom. You can purchase tubes specifically for this purpose and they don’t leak. Or just put the deodorant in a little jar and use your fingers to apply! This particular recipe will work great if your  coconut oil stays a solid at the current room temperature. I do plan on tweaking this a bit for the summer months by adding some beeswax and bentonite clay, 

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Cool Cardigan

Cool Cardigan

I’ve over at Melly Sews today with an adorable cardigan  (affiliate link) for my little guy! Check it out!

*this post contains an affiliate link, but the pattern love is all my own!

Mademoiselle Muscle T: girlified and winterized!


This month over at Project Run & Play, the pattern is the Mademoiselle Muscle T by Living With Punks. Now, it’s February in northern Alberta and there isn’t a Muscle T to be seen! So I decided to change things up a bit and turn this into something a little bit cozier for winter. J loves to wear vests, and hates to wear sweaters. She is forever taking off her sweater and complaining that she is too hot. But the thing is, it’s COLD outside! So I knew that if I made her a vest, she could wear it without overheating and I would feel better So I came up with this:

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Extraordinary Girl Tour!

You know what? The name of this shirt caught my attention. And not because the pattern is so incredible (which it is) or the designer is so nice (which she is!) or because she’s Canadian (yup, she is!). What really made me stop and think is that I have an extraordinary girl. I really do. I don’t talk much about my kids – usually it’s all about the clothes they’re wearing, but today I want to brag on my amazing, smart, funny and extraordinary little gal.

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What’s in a Bag?


More specifically, a diaper bag? I’ve had the honour of carrying around a diaper bag for almost 4 years (already!!? Where has time gone?). There’s the odd time I head out without kids and grab my purse, but just when you think, “yay, no more diapers!” there’s potty training, which surprisingly requires even MORE things to be put into The Bag. Anyhoo, this is a “what’s in my bag” post, because of course you were itching to know

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She’s blazin’!

Phresh Blazer

Blazin’ a trail….in her new Phresh Blazer! Ha, I’m so lame. Seriously. The hardest part about a blog post for me is the title. It throws me every time. Which is why I probably should have just named this post Phresh Blazer. Moving on…

So this cute little blazer is part of the Bundle Up sale that ends TODAY! I’m so late to the game. Anyway, this blazer is a winner! It’s got style, but since it’s made in a stretch fabric, it’s got comfort! Check out the cute ruffles in the back!

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Bubbly Norah

Bubble Dress

I’ve got a mashup of the beautiful Norah dress with a bubble hem for you today! I’ve been eyeballing that MHC Norah Dress for so long, and when Hayley was looking for affiliates for the DIY Ultimate Bundle, I jumped on board! Have you checked out the amazing resources included in the DIY bundle? It’s basically every sewing blogger’s dream – photography tips, patterns, a free Craftsy class (that right there more than makes this package a steal!), some creative writing books (I’m pretty sure I need those!), and lots of non-sewing things like canning, making your own beauty products and scrapbooking. There really is something for everyone one in this bundle.

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