Another Pair of Overalls

okey dokey overalls

The Okey Dokey Overalls (*affiliate link), Winter Edition! You saw the last pair that I made here, and the overalls jumper here, and I love them so much! But living in Northern Alberta has its cons….shorts weather is long gone. So I decided to do a pair in corduroy, and even better, line them in flannel! 

I really treated the flannel and corduroy as one piece except for the front pockets. I didn’t want them to get too bulky, so instead of making separate pockets, I just sewed the flannel and cord rst along the pocket slash line, flipped it around and topstitched that. Then I finished the curved edge of the main pocket piece, basted it in place at the top and sides of the leg. Then, following the curve of the pocket, I topstitched around, about a 1/4″ in from the edge. This created a nice pocket bag, and reduced the bulk at the same time. Also, I think the topstitched pocket is a nice added touch! It keeps the pockets from riding up too :)

okey dokey overalls

Since I was lining these, instead of going up a size, I just added an inch to the rise. They are SO warm and comfy!

okey dokey overalls

These overalls are not a very difficult sew, but a little time-consuming. Lots of topstitching, but that makes them look so amazing! 

okey dokey overalls

Poor little buddy had fallen and split his lip about a half hour before we took these photos, so this is all I got!

okey dokey overalls

He was still trying to make heads or tails of his swollen lip! It really is amazing how quickly he healed, though! As good as new in two days!

okey dokey overalls

I love that little pop of colour you can see on the cuffs! These have enough growing room in them that they should fit all winter! Pick your copy of the Okey Dokey Overalls here!

Bloggy Break

Wow, it’s been over two weeks since I even logged on to my blog. It was needed. Time well-spent with friends and preparing for my mom’s soon arrival. I’ve been doing a bit of sewing, some baking, but sometimes I just need to sew without taking photos and bake with my daughter without worrying about getting the perfect shot. This sounds like a whine-fest, but it’s not – just reality :) I’ll be back with some new things soon!

Today is October 15th – National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. If you know someone who has lost a baby (did you know 1 in 4 women will experience pregnancy loss?), give them a hug, or send them a note to let them know you remember. One day I may write my story here, but for now, this is what I like to think about:


If you feel up to it, read this. Miscarriage matters!

Mad Mimi!

Well, she’s not mad, but maybe a tad crazy? J is really starting to get into the whole modeling thing. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing…..

Mimi shirt

This shirt pattern is part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel #5 bundle sale going on right now (Disclaimer: I received this pattern for free, but I totally picked this one because I knew I would love it!)! It also includes a dress option, as well as short sleeves and a variety of other options. You can read more about the bundle at the bottom of this post!

Mimi shirt

This little shirt is adorable! It’s nice to find a pattern for a basic clothing piece but with a little twist. The fun little keyhole opening means it’s really easy for dressing, and the button adds a bit of color. 

mimi shirt

The hem and neckline both have facings, and then topstitching. I love this! I was all ready to do mine with an exposed facing (to have a nice contrast) but I got sewing, and instead of putting things together so the facing would come to the outside, the “Right-Sides-Together-seamstress” in me put it together the normal way. And I had already serged it. Oh well! It would have been SO cute though to have the contrasting facings on the outside!

Mimi shirt

I used a lovely Anna Maria Horner knit for this and a double needle for the finishes. J saw it and right away her face lit up – she’s a pink girl through and through!



Another favorite part is the shirttail hem. it’s SO worth the effort! Like I said, a basic shirt turned amazing with these fantastic details! I made up a size 2 (J is 3 1/2) with a teensy bit of length added to the sleeves, but it’s definitely on the roomy side still. For sure, use the measurement chart!

Mimi Shirt

Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

The Perfect Pattern Parcel #5 includes:

Knit Blazer by Peek-a-Boo Patterns (I’ve used that here)

Everyday Yoga Pant for Girls by Greenstyle

Asymmetrical Drape Top by EYMM

Playhouse Dress by Fishstick Designs

Mimi Dress and Shirt by Filles a Maman

And the BONUS PATTERN: Sunki Dress by Figgy’s

To get the Bonus Pattern:

Choose a price of $28 or greater for Parcel #5 and you will automatically also be sent the Bonus Pattern! The Bonus Pattern for this Parcel is the Sunki Dress by Figgy’s. Fun pockets, a stylish silhouette, plus make it in knit or woven. Double bonus! The pattern includes both size runs, so you get 18 months through a 16 tween sizing. This is awesome sauce!

How Pattern Parcel Works:

Here at Perfect Pattern Parcel, we believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It’s our opinion that indie patterns are just, well, better than big box patterns, and we’re pretty sure our customers think so too. So, we allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel.  We also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. Together we’ve raised over $11,000 for classrooms in need!


Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
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Made by Sara

Oopsy Daisy Overalls Jumper

Remember those oh-so-cute elephant overalls?? Well, now there’s a jumper pattern (*affiliate link) too! This is the Oopsy Daisy Overalls Jumper from Peekaboo Pattern Shop and it IS CUTE!

Oopsy Daisy Overalls

I made this in some soft grayish-brown corduroy from Fabricland with recycled hardware (again!) from some old overalls that never were worn…they’ve never fit my kids right! But with these patterns, I can get the torso length just right, and the legs (for the overalls) just short enough ;)

overalls jumper

This jumper is so classic, and you can have fun with so many different types of fabric! I stuck with plain brown since J has so many printed shirts and this will get her through the winter with some leggings and boots. 

overalls jumper

Here it is paired with a (slightly modified) Grand Slam (*affiliate link) and below with just a plain white t-shirt.

overalls jumper

The topstitching is the most time-consuming part of this garment, but truly makes it look SO professional! I have found that it’s hard to get great topstitching on wider wale corduroy though…it looks all crazy in the photos! I promise it is slightly straighter that it looks ;)

overalls jumper

overalls jumper

And one more sibling set because CUTE. 

overalls jumper

Pick up your Oopsy Daisy Overalls Jumper until the end of today for 15% off! AND if you want both the jumper and overalls, use the code OVERALLS at the checkout to save $3!

Happy Sewing!

*this post contains affiliate links, but the pattern love and opinions are all my own! If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t share it with you!

Ooh, a Blog Hop!

Family Photo

I was asked by Terri over at Sew Straight & Gather to be a part of this blog hop. I don’t know what it is about the term blog hop that immediately makes me think of Flubber….anyways, moving on…

So the goal of this blog hop is to help my readers learn more about me, the person behind this blog! You may even find a few new blogs to follow as a result (you can read Terri’s post here, and from there go back a few weeks!). There are four questions that I’m going to attempt to answer:

1. Why do I write? Well….I’m not a very interesting writer. I guess I’d have to confess that the only reason I write is because not everyone wants to just look at photos. You know I always have an overabundance of those! I love reading funny blogs. This is not one of them ;)

2. What am I working on? Besides sewing something? Well, I have an old victorian couch in my basement that is waiting for a makeover. I’ve got about 1/4 of the million staples pulled out, and once the rest are done, I can get to the FUN part – reupholstering! Also, I have unfinished board and batten in our master bedroom, two kids rooms that are still not decorated (after living in this house for almost 3 years!) and a basement that is in desperate need of organization. Maybe that’s why I like to sew so much…It’s something that I actually FINISH!

3. How does it differ from others of it’s genre? I think this question is directed to how my blog (and not my unfinished projects) is different from others in it’s genre. Um….I post the most photos? Haha. Really though, I’m such a new blogger, not even a year yet, so I feel like I’m still figuring out WHAT my genre is. I mean, I know I sew, and I take pictures. But lots of sewing bloggers do that. I’d really like to take the Pattern Workshop soon and start learning how to put my ideas down on paper! So I’m undecided on this question. Sorry. Told you I was a bad writer. 

4. How does my writing process work? I always take my photos first, then I upload them all. I start writing and add photos as I write. I don’t make an outline, write drafts or anything a good writer would do. I just type, and make sure everything is spelled correctly, preview it once and then hit publish! I apologize if this was the most boring blog hop post you’ve read in a while, but that’s who I am! Not a very exciting person…and I hoard fabric. 

You’ll find Kelly from Handmade Boy posting her answers to these questions next week, so be sure to head over there and read up! I can guarantee you it will be much more interesting! And her boy clothes – AMAZING. 

Shandiin Top: Fall Edition

Shandiin Top

Aaargh! Shiver me timbers! Literally, brr! Shiver! We had a cold snap here bringing a little snow (BOOOO!) so I decided to change up this summer-look top and show you some layers!

Layout 2

Have you been following along with Frances Suzanne’s Flip this Pattern this month? It’s a twist on the usual contest, and instead they are showcasing patterns from indie designers – those with 5 patterns or less. It’s a great way to find some new favorites! And there is a linky party that could provide you with hours of inspiration here.

This is the Shandiin Tunic & Top by LouBee Clothing. It’s a cute little summertime tank top with such a unique back! However, since we’re nearing winter here in Northern Alberta, I knew I needed to make this work for our chilly temps. 

Shandiin Top

Shandiin Top

I used a thrifted navy and white stripe for the main fabric, with a contrasting yellow for the back top bodice. It’s a light enough piece that it layers well over a t-shirt, and later over some long-sleeved shirts. I made a few modifications to the pattern. I took out a bit of the angle at the sides of the top. My fabric is not overly soft and I was worried it would stick out too much. 

I also added a little ruffle to the front, before finishing up with the bias tape. Simple, and a fun way to add some color to the front!

shandiin top

shandiin top

 This little top went together so quickly! There are lots of options too, top or tunic length, buttons or not, explanation of the different ways of attaching the back accent piece to get different looks! The instructions are well-written with clear pictures. You can get 20% off all LouBee Clothing patterns until September 20 with the code SHOWCASE20

OR enter the rafflecopter giveaway for a few chances to win a BUNCH of amazing stuff!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This was her “no more photos” move :)

shandiin top

My budding little photographer!

Happy Sewing!

Ps. My blog hop post will be posting tomorrow…come back then to find out more about me!

CraftingCon: Stylin’ Snow White


Way back a loooong time ago I mentioned something about CraftingCon. Well, it’s here! And I’m a competitor for the Princess month! Don’t worry, it’s nothing that you need to vote on, but I hope you’ll check out the other competitors over at Friends Stitched Together. If you’re looking for some inspiration, head on over to Mae & K for some fun tutorials too!


I used the Fawn Lily dress as the basis for my Snow White look. It has such amazing color-blocking possibilities, that I knew it was the perfect pattern to get the look I was going for. Now, I hadn’t really thought through the coloring of a Snow White dress. As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed, J doesn’t wear a lot of primary colors. I just can’t do it! So when I was trying to come up with ideas for this contest, I just couldn’t get past the colors of the “usual” Snow White dress. Also, after shopping my stash, I realized that I didn’t have those colors anyways! So this is what I came up with:

CraftingCon: Snow White

Blue chambray for the sleeves, a polka dot cotton for the bodice, and yellow crepe for the skirt. I’ve used all of those fabrics in past projects so I definitely made good on my stash!

I made a little head band that matched the red trim on the dress. The trim was an easy mod, and I love it!


J loved the dress! It’s a very subtle nod to the original Snow White dress…she was the first Official Disney Princess- did you know that? I love that it hints of Snow White but is definitely NOT a costume!

CraftingCon: Snow White

CraftingCOn CraftingCon

We got lots of funny photos because of the apple, of course :)

CraftingCon: Snow White

This was a fun little challenge that got me out of my sewing comfort zone! I’d say J got right into it too!


Happy Sewing!

Schoolboy Vest for Parcel #4

schoolboy vest

I’m so excited to share with you this amazing pattern! I just can’t get over the cuteness!! I chose to sew up the SchoolBoy Vest from Pattern Parcel #4 in a beige stretch cotton. I wanted something that could be dressed up or down, and this fit the bill. The inside is lined in regular cotton (I used some fat quarters for this – perfect!). I almost didn’t do the little belt on the back, and I’m SO GLAD I did! It just gives it such a professional finish!

schoolboy vest

schoolboy vest

 This vest is paired with some Titchy Threads Skinny Jeans (they’re from Project Run & Play) and just a regular dress shirt and bow tie. I’m serious, this kid is the best-dressed boy I know ;)

schoolboy vest

schoolboy vest

 This is such a great versatile pattern. You have the option of welt pockets (which I did….because I love welt pockets ;) ), faux welt pockets, and you can even make this as a reversible vest! The instructions are very thorough and this is a fairly quick sew…probably about 2 hours from start to finish!

Check out the Pattern Parcel now to learn more about how it works, and to pick up your favorite patterns….or all of them! 

And because I can….I leave you with a bunch more photos of the cutest boy alive ;)

schoolboy vest

schoolboy vest

schoolboy vest

schoolboy vest

schoolboy vest

Don’t forget to check out the others on the tour!

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Happy Sewing!

*(I received these patterns at no cost to me in exchange for posting about them. But of course, the opinions are entirely my own and as always….if I didn’t LOVE it, I wouldn’t even post about it)

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