A Little Sugar & Spice…

Snap Placket

…to brighten up your life! I did a fun and easy little tutorial for Peekaboo Pages on adding a snap placket to this dress. Check out the cuteness!

You can find the whole tutorial here

Happy Sewing!

It’s Summertime…

…and the blog has been looooow on the priority list! But I’ve been working away on a few things here and there. We did some family camping (first time with kiddos) and that was an interesting experience. Both of the kids caught fish, and basically that made E’s year. I kid not. He could hardly fall asleep after that!

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Top Stitchers: “Stars”

Julie Andrews

I’m over at Free Notion today with my Top Stitcher post! Our theme was “Stars.” I turned to the ever-so-classy lady, Julie Andrews, and created an outfit based on her style. Head on over there to rate our looks and then come back to read more!

You know my style…but most stars aren’t quite in the simple and classic category! As a refresher, here’s a round-up of some of Julie’s looks:

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Antalya Dress

Antalya Dress

I’m a stop on the Willow & Co. pattern tour with the Antalya Dress! If you’ve been a Willow & Co. fan, you’ll remember the AMAZING patterns they put together last year! Judging by the fact that there are three of them in J’s closet, the Fawn Lily is still a huge favourite of mine.

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A little catch-up!

Fresh Bloom Frock

As you know, I’m a contributing blogger for Blank Slate Patterns and Peekaboo Pattern shop. I’ve posted a few things over there and failed to link up to them here! So here’s what’s been going on:

Fresh Bloom Frock for Blank Slate Patterns

Happy Feet Hack Summer! for Peekaboo Patterns

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The Dollhouse Adventures: Living Room

Dollhouse Makeover

Summer is here!!! At least, we haven’t had any snow for a couple weeks…the kids are playing hard and soaking up the sun. As a result, my poor blog is being neglected. I can safely say that might be the pattern this summer! BUT! I do need to finish the dollhouse tour, so today is the living room!

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The Dollhouse Adventure: bedroom and nursery

Dollhouse Makeover

This is the completed exterior of the Estoril Dollhouse. One day I’d like to replace the door and windows with wood, but for now, a coat of spray paint will have to do!

We’re going to tour the upstairs bedroom and nursery today! This is a large open attic space basically, so it’s a combined bedroom and nursery. I think it works well that way, since J is such an avid interior decorator. The wide open space makes it lots of fun to rearrange furniture!

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The Dollhouse Adventure!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my #thecrazytailordollhouseadventures posts that have been consuming my feed! It’s finally done! J got this for her birthday a little early because I wanted to use it as decoration for her party. It turned out so well! I can thank Jessica from over at Craftiness is not Optional for some great inspiration! 

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Skip Along Skort

I missed posting this while it was on sale last week, but I couldn’t NOT post it! Better late than never! I tested this cute little Skip Along skort (affiliate link) by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, and let me just say, there will be more made. How perfect for summer! Usually J wears leggings under her skirts, but in the summertime, that’s just too warm. This is the perfect solution! I’ve noticed that ready-to-wear toddler skirts usually stop having the built-in shorts around size 3T, which is really unfortunate – they still need those sometimes!! Haha! 

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Pretending it’s Spring!


Hey there! It’s been so quiet around here lately….because of this:

I picked it up off kijiji for $20 and have been doing a little remodeling. And, ahem, decorating. I can thank Jessica over at Craftiness is Not Optional for the great ideas…and the links to ebay! Haha, if you want to become obsessed with miniatures, just buy a dollhouse. It’s seriously as much fun as decorating your own house! 

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