Bubbly Norah

Bubble Dress

I’ve got a mashup of the beautiful Norah dress with a bubble hem for you today! I’ve been eyeballing that MHC Norah Dress for so long, and when Hayley was looking for affiliates for the DIY Ultimate Bundle, I jumped on board! Have you checked out the amazing resources included in the DIY bundle? It’s basically every sewing blogger’s dream – photography tips, patterns, a free Craftsy class (that right there more than makes this package a steal!), some creative writing books (I’m pretty sure I need those!), and lots of non-sewing things like canning, making your own beauty products and scrapbooking. There really is something for everyone one in this bundle.

Bubble dress

And since I’m crunched for time, I decided to do a bubble skirt on this Norah dress and kill two birds with one stone! J really liked the bubble skirt I made her already, so I though I would do another one, but this time I used the Simon tutorial. I think I went a little overboard in the fabric width, haha, but J likes it alright! And the thing about the style is that when she sprouts up, and it’s too short, I’m going to take apart the bubble hem and then hem both separately, and there we go! A longer skirt!

bubble skirt

I used Art Gallery Littlest for the bow on the bodice (J got her pick of what fabric to use – I’d say she did a pretty good job!) and the grey is a chambray. The skirt is a sheer cotton I bought in an instagram destash – a mystery fabric, but it’s light and fluffy for a bubble skirt!

bubble skirt

Bubble dress

So that’s my second entry for the Project Run & Play Bubble Skirt challenge! I haven’t had a chance to get to all of the blogs that have linked up, but if you’re in need of bubblicious inspiration – head on over here!

bubble dress

And you still have three days to grab your DIY ultimate Bundle!

I thought I’d share a few behind-the-scenes on what our photo shoots really look like!

DSC_0620 DSC_0622 DSC_0623 bubble dress DSC_0639 DSC_0643

’cause you know it’s never as easy as it looks ;)

Happy Sewing!

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Project Run & Play: 2015 Edition

Oops! I think this post got lost in my recent web hosting switch! Anyway, have you heard? Project Run and Play is using a different format this year – anyone can sewalong with each tutorial or pattern each month! This month is a fun little bubble dress tutorial by Alida Makes.


I decided to go with a skirt length, since separates seem to get more wear!

Bubble skirt

I used a stretch sateen for the striped part and a cotton from my local fabric store. The bow is a Kona solid, I think! It turned out so cute! I paired it with this jacket from last years Project Run & Play signature style (it barely fits her anymore), and then we decided to change it up a bit with a vest:


Hey! It even flips around! I think with a little tweaking I could make this totally reversible!

DSC_0454 DSC_0441

I love the stripes and floral together…one of my favourite combinations!


Are you linking up to Project Run & Play? It’s going to be a fun year! And what a great way to work on a wardrobe for your littles!


Happy Sewing! (and pardon any website glitches!)

Kid’s Clothes Week: Upcycling

I’m over at the Kid’s Clothes Week blog with a few tips on upcycling men’s dress shirts. KCW is running February 2-8, and I’ve got my stack of clothes ready and waiting! Some of my favourite upcycles are also the most well-worn clothes in my kids closets! These are a few (click through to read about the original garments!):

snap placket

Grand Slam Raglan

The sleeves on this raglan are from an old work shirt of my husbands. It was the perfect green to pair with this Birch knit!


1. Buffalo Sweater 2. Titchy Thread Skinny Jeans

This Grand Slam/Hangout Hoodie mashup is still being worn – I love it so much! The jeans are too short now, and the knees got worn out, but they certainly got some good use!

DSC_0705Modified Downton Duffle

She is STILL wearing this jacket (upcycled from two skirts!)! It will be a sad day when I have to retire it :(

DSC_0009Lace Skirt

Still a winner, and not bad for being an old curtain! What are your favorite things to upcycle? Do you find inspiration everywhere? I’m forever seeing old clothes as new things!

Happy Sewing!


Zippers 101

Zippers 101I’m posting over at Peekaboo Pattern Shop’s blog today with an overview of zippers and zipper feet! If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a coil zipper and molded plastic zipper, or which one you should use for a jacket vs. a dress, head on over! Also, you can read my tips and tricks for installing a perfectly lined-up zipper every time!

zippers 101


Happy Sewing!

The Cobbler’s Children….

You know how the saying goes? The cobbler’s children have no shoes…or something like that! Well, I’m no cobbler, but I finally made some Peekaboo lil moccasins (*affiliate link) for my little guy!

lil moccasinsI made a pair a LONG time ago, but little E grew out of them so quickly. These have a little extra room to grow, they’re easy to put on AND HE CAN’T TAKE THEM OFF! Yet. 

lil moccasins

They’re made from a soft, slightly thicker leather, yet sewing them was not difficult. I did make a teeny tiny newborn pair for some friends and those were a little trickier!

lil moccasins

Also shown here is the Lullaby Layette bodysuit combined with the baby gown sleeves (for the handy-dandy mittens!) and some Lollipop Leggings. Seriously, how cute is this set???

lullaby layette

I had made two bottoms, the brown pair and then another pair with an attached skirt since my friends didn’t know what they were having….but it was a boy! Remember when I made this dress for another pregnant friend, hoping it was a girl? Haha, the ratio of boys to girls in our church is way lopsided. Someone have a girl pleeeeeaaase??

Anyways, I can now say the seamstresses kids have shoes of the handmade variety :)

lil moccasins lil moccasins


What are you waiting for? Go make something!

and Happy Sewing :)

*this post contains affiliate links, but you can be sure the pattern love and opinions are all my own! 

If Only Designs: Bottoms Up Pant Tour!

Bottoms Up Pants

Jess from If Only They Would Nap has a new pattern and it’s cloth diaper friendly! If you’ve ever made pants for little ones in cloth diapers, you know that adjustments always need to be made – longer rise, a little extra width and gathering to cover that tush…

Bottoms Up Pants

Jess has come through with a simple pant pattern, the Bottoms Up Pants that can be used for dressy pants, pj pants, or you could chop them off for shorts! She’s included a few pocket options, but I kept mine plain and simple since they were for jammies. These are being worn over a Grovia Hybrid (shell + cotton soaker) which is fairly trim, but still a good bit fluffier than a disposable. 

Bottoms Up Pants Bottoms Up Pants

Eek, those chubby little legs! It is so hard to believe that this time last year, this kiddo wasn’t walking, wasn’t talking, and now he WON’T STOP. So anyway, back to the pattern. So easy and fast! These pants and the shirt were done in under an hour (not including the embroidery….ugh) and that, my friends, is nearly instant gratification. 

Bottoms Up Pants

I’m calling them the breakfast jammies. You know, bacon and eggs and all…

Bottoms Up Pants

They withstood the toddler test: playing/crawling/sliding on the floor over various toys. None of the usual plumber-related pant malfunctions here. They’re a tad long, but that’s fine since these will be more of a spring pair of jammies. Right now we’re all about footie jammies with a sleep sack over those! Brrr!

Grand Slam

He just realized that there was an egg on his shirt and in the pan…

Grand Slam

The top is the Peekaboo Grand Slam (*affiliate link) with cuffs and a hem band (so basically the Happy Feet top, except that I actually just used the Grand Slam pattern and added the cuffs….haha). Also, I just remembered that Denny’s has a Grand Slam breakfast!! So Breakfast Jammies it is!

Bottoms Up Pants Bottoms Up Pants

The egg yolk is just hand appliqued on there and then I outlined the egg white shape. It makes for a fun and very unique pair of jammies!

Bottoms Up Pants Bottoms Up Pants Bottoms Up Pants

So there you have it! Easy fit for cloth diapered kiddos!  You can pick up your pattern here

(and, in case you were wondering how I met Jess, we were designers together on Project Run & Play, Season 9!)

Check out the rest of the bloggers on the tour here:

Jan 5th –> Sarah at The Crazy Tailor
Jan 6th –> Melissa at Sew Like My Mom
Jan 7th –> Ari at Max California
Jan 8th –> Marissa at RaeGun Ramblings
Jan 9th –> Emily at Naptime Creations
Jan 12th –> Courtney at Simple City Life
Jan 13th –> Sabra at Sew a Straight Line
Jan 14th –> RaeAnna at Sewing Mama Raeanna
Jan 15th –> Kacia at Coconut Robot
Jan 16th –> Scary at Shaffer Sisters

(I was provided this pattern free of charge, but the opinions are all my own! Some links may be affiliate links; if you purchase through those links, I may earn a small amount to help keep this blog alive! Please see my policies tab for further information. Thanks!)


It’s a New Year!

…and boy did I close out the old year with…um, silence? Haha! Sorry guys! It was a busy month: my mom moved cross-country and bought a new place, and is living with us until closing on the new house. Aaaand since my sewing area is her area right now, it just felt natural to take a small break. Definitely for the right reason! We’ve been enjoying every minute of grandma-time! 

I had a quick peek at my blog stats for last year, and wow, for a newbie blogger, I’m happy! I managed to post 91 times, so an average of 1.75 times per week – maybe not the most consistent, but more than I ever hoped for! My goal is 2 times per week this year ;)

My most viewed post was the Project Run & Play Repurposing post (by the way, have you read about the plans for that this year? Sounds like fun!!) with a total of 3,385 views!

Project Run & Play

In second place was this Mei Tai tutorial, and I’ve seen some fabulous creations as a result!

Mei Tai Tutorial

I’ve made some great blogging friends this past year, participated in some amazing things (Project Run & Play Season: 9, CraftingCon, numerous pattern tours) had opportunity to test some fun patterns and learn some new techniques. I’m a contributor to two pattern designers (you can find me over at Peekaboo Pattern Shop and Melly Sews) It’s been good! I recently signed up for Pattern Workshop (*affiliate link) and have been slowly making my way through that. It’s so interesting to see how to translate my paper drafting into real, live pdf patterns! All those self-drafted items I made this past year now have the possibility of becoming REAL! Haha, it’s really good to learn the nitty gritty of the technological side. 

Some goals for this new year:

  • be a more organized blogger…aka, use a planner. 
  • publish a pattern of my own (ahem, learn about the new silly VAT junk first, then set up a store on my website. You remember my trepidation at migrating over to a “real” .com blog? Ha, I feel the same about e-commerce.)
  • Sew more for the boy!

That’s all folks! Thanks for coming along for the ride of 2014….here’s to a fun and fulfilling 2015!

Lil Luxe Collection

Peekaboo HoodieGreen seems to be my colour lately! And this one happens to be some mystery knit that I thrifted! I love it when that happens. Almost 2 meters for under $3? Unbelievable. Listen folks, I live in Canada, and the Black Friday fabric sales in the states were killing me! I loaded up my virtual cart a few times, and then nearly passed out every time I saw how much the shipping would be..

So, back to my thrifted knit. It’s not super stretchy, and this Peekaboo Hoodie from Lil Luxe Collection (*affiliate link) is GREAT for knits with not a lot of stretch (why? because the neck opening is oversized and fits over the head with minimal-to-no tugging) And let me just say that this may look like a humble little hoodie, but the details will WOW you. When Jessica was looking for bloggers for her holiday tour, I was all over this pattern…I had to try it!

Lil Luxe 2014 Holiday blog Tour Banner

Peekaboo Hoodie

You may remember this skirt I made earlier this year? The pocket is the same idea as this kangaroo pocket, but without the easy-to-follow instructions that Jessica has given, it took me FOREVER to figure out that skirt pocket! I almost gave up….but managed to put it together. Well, this hoodie has the same fun type of pocket but with really easy photos and instructions. 

Peekaboo Hoodie

See? Told you it was fun! So, the breakdown: there are two lengths, regular and tunic length, this really nice lined, crossover hood, a fun front pocket that lets you use a contrasting print for a nice surprise, and then another thing that I didn’t take advantage of: colour-blocking! There are two side panels and a center panel to make up the kangaroo pocket, but how fun would it be to change that up a bit? If my polka dot knit wasn’t so lightweight, I would have done that on the sides! The pattern also includes thumbholes on the sleeves, but I didn’t think J would appreciate holes in her sweatshirt at the tender age of 3 ;)

Peekaboo Hoodie

You can get a better idea of how colour-blocking would work in this photo. I just love that oversized hood! And the crossover detail! 

Peekaboo Hoodie

We dressed it up! And we dressed it down!

Peekaboo Hoodie

So although the Black Friday deals are over, you can save 30% from now until Dec 11 with the code “blogtour” at checkout! Head on over to Lil Luxe Collection to check out Jessica’s patterns! Don’t forget to stop by the rest of the tour for some more inspiration and scroll to the very bottom for a giveaway!

Monday, Dec. 1 – Rouche & Division Top
Wednesday, Dec. 3 - Peek A Boo Hoodie
Thursday, Dec. 4 - Alley Cat Romper
Friday, Dec. 5 - Reversible Crop Top & Dress
Monday, Dec. 8 - Modern Belle Dress
Tuesday, Dec. 9 - Socialite Peplum and Dress
Wednesday, Dec. 10 - Two Haute Shorts
Thursday, Dec. 11 - Starlight City Dress

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jessica will also be starting a Monthly pattern of choice giveaway.  Every month she will choose one winner from her Instagram followers.  Followers must tag @jessbluxe with their Lil Luxe Collection pattern creation.  A winner will be chosen every first of the month Starting with January 1, 2015! 

Happy Sewing!

*this pattern was provided to me at no cost, however the opinions expressed are all my own!

Pocket PJ’s Remix!

Ok, it’s all about the sales this weekend! The American Black Friday tradition is slowly creeping into Canada, hopefully minus the craziness…but I wouldn’t know – I’m not too keen on waking up that early. But if you are addicted to pdf patterns like I am, then you’re in luck! Shop from home in your jammies if you like! The Peekaboo sale (affiliate link) goes until December 1st, and Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link) is having a great sale as well – starting today! This is how it will work:

Blank Slate Patterns Sale

 Um, yes, 50% OFF 5 PATTERNS! That’s some serious savings! And so, I’ve got some inspiration for you (especially if you snagged some of the flannel on sale at Joanns ;) )

This post originally appeared over at Melly Sews as a part of the Blank Slate Sewing Team, and I’m reposting here for my readers! Enjoy!

Sleep Shirt

This is a new take on an old classic – the sleep shirt! Or nightgown. Whatever floats your boat…er, bed?

I started with the Pocket PJ’s pattern (affiliate link) by Blank Slate Patterns and did a bit of modifying and so I’ll walk you through how to get this cute little sleep shirt out of that pattern!

Pocket PJs Remix

J giving me her best “I’m-so-sleepy” face :)

So I only used the top pattern for this pattern hack. I had bought a TON of flannel (in 1-yard cuts) on sale when I was home visiting in the states last year, and now that I’m looking at it all, I realize that my baby girl is too big to fit into 1 yard of anything! I was out of luck to make matching pants for the shirt, so after trying my best to squeak things out of a yard, I gave up and decided to modify the top into a long sleepshirt, or nightgown. 

I started by lengthening the back bodice piece by 8 inches. This amount will vary depending on how long you would like it, and what size you are making. You will notice that the back side seam angles out a bit. That’s good! (if you’re making this in a larger size, you may want to take a hip measurement and be sure that there is enough ease throughout the hips in the sleep shirt. If not, angle your side seam out from the armhole even a bit more)

pocket pjs remix

 Then I used a bowl (about 4 inches in diameter) to round off the new bottom corner that we just created.

pocket pjs remix

Now on the front bodice piece there is no angle at the side, so you’ll want to add that onto the pattern, add your length (8″) and the rounded corner. The front and the back should be mirror images from the arm hole down to the hem. Make a mark 2″ up from where your rounded edge stops (as shown in the below photo). This will be your guide for the side slits. 

pocket pjs remix 

Cut out your front and back pieces (on the fold!) and transfer your 2″ side slit marks to the fabric.

Time to make the exposed hem facing! I drafted a facing that was roughly 3 inches tall and then curved it up until it was at least 2 inches above the side slit mark you made on your pattern piece. 

pocket pjs remix

 Cut two of these on the fold.

pocket pjs remix 

Transfer the 2″ side slit mark to the facing as well. 

Instead of using the bias finish at the neck (which you can totally do) I decided to do an exposed facing there as well.  I started by taping my front and back bodice pieces together at the shoulder seam, overlapping to account for the 1/2″ seam allowance on both pieces. Then I traced around the neck line, adding a 1/4″ to the front edge of the facing (for turning under later), and was sure to mark the back of the facing on the fold. 

pocket pjs remix

Using a pencil, mark at close intervals, 2 1/2″ from the neckline, all around from front to back. 

pocket pjs remix

Then using a french curve (if available) or just eyeballing it, connect the dots to make a smooth line from the front to the back. It should look like this (note the extra 1/4″ added to the front facing, and the back is marked to be cut on the fold. Cut one of these on the fold. Add your shoulder seam and back fold markings (which I forgot to add to my facing pattern! Don’t be like me!) to allow you to line it up easily on your neckline. 

pocket pjs remix

 From here, you’ll continue with the normal garment construction: front placket (I chose to do mine in the back, because I have a PJ houdini!), shoulder seams, set in the sleeves. THEN, when you come to the side seams (please finish these edges first before this next step – serge or zigzag), you’ll sew from the sleeve to the underam, down the side until you reach your mark on the fabric. Be sure to backstitch, and then do the same on the other side. 

pocket pjs remix

Then take your hem facing, and right sides together, sew from the top to the 2″ mark you made (don’t forget to backstitch!) Do this on both sides. 

pocket pjs remix

Now you’re going to open up your facing and lay it RIGHT side down to the inside or WRONG side of your hem, lining up your 2″ marks and pin. It may look a little awkward, but it will all turn out ok :)

pocket pjs remix

Sew one side at a time, from the 2″ mark on your facing (which is right were your stitching ends from the previous steps) around the bottom and back up to the 2″ mark on the other side. 

pocket pjs remix

Repeat on the other side. Clip into the seam allowance at the 2″ mark (but don’t clip through your stitching!) and turn the facing to the outside of the shirt and press. Now you’ll press a 1/4″-1/2″ (whatever you’re comfortable with) under all around the top of the facing, pin in place and topstitch.

pocket pjs remix

For the neck facing construction, it’s very similar to the bias instructions. You’ll pin your facing at the neck opening, RIGHT side down to the inside or WRONG side of the bodice. Sew around with a 1/2″ seam allowance. You should have a 1/4″ overhand on each side of your placket. 

pocket pjs remix

Clip your curves and flip it to the front. Give it a good press, and then fold the front side of the facing under so it matches the placket, and turn the raw edges of the facing under a 1/4″-1/2″ (whatever you’re comfortable with) all around and press. Pin. 

pocket pjs remix

Topstitch around the bottom of the facing, and then go up the front on the placket edge and then around the neck. You’ll notice that my button placket it at the back instead of the front…that’s to prevent my little jammie houdini from escaping!

pocket pjs remix

 Add your buttonholes (or snaps!) and you’re done!


pocket pjs remix 

A fun little sleep shirt for the littles in your life!

Pocket Pjs Remix

Happy Sewing and Sweet Dreams!

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